5 Easy Tips to Spring Clean Your Home

Spring clean your home with these five easy tips! Spring is in the air, which means it’s time to clean your home! Here are 5 tips for cleaning your home in the springtime. You can use a spring clean checklist to stay organized. It is a good idea to take your spring cleaning project one room at a time and complete that area before moving on to the next. There are desirable home features for homeowners and potential buyers.

There are some great ideas on how to spring clean your home. You may ask yourself when should you start to spring clean your house? Spring cleaning is also a great idea if you are planning on selling your home in the spring.

Start with Your Kitchen

There are tips to update and organize your kitchen. Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in yourspring clean your home home. It’s where you cook and eat, so it needs to be clean and organized.  To clean your kitchen, start by wiping down the countertops and cabinets with a cabinet cleaner or a soap and water mixture. Clean out drawers and wipe down the inside of the drawers. Then, vacuum the floor and walls. Finally, wipe down all of the appliances with a proper cleaning solution. If you have stainless appliances, be sure to a stainless cleaner to preserve and maintain them. A clean kitchen

If you have a refrigerator that dispenses water and ice, make sure the filter is still good. Usually, the refrigerator will have a light to let you know the filter needs replacement.  Wipe down any light fixtures or pendant lights that are located in the kitchen. Replace burned-out light bulbs. Light fixtures are considered fixtures in the property.

Organize your kitchen cupboards and cabinets. Take out all of the contents and wipe down the inside of the cabinets. In the process, you may find things no longer needed and you can certainly donate those items to minimize your stuff.

Update your kitchen with inexpensive renovations such as replacing light switch covers and outlet covers.

Clean and Declutter Your Bathrooms

When you are going to spring clean your home, your bathroom is the next room to be addressed. The bathroom is another important room in your home. It needs to be clean and organized so that you can use it efficiently. To clean your bathroom, start by cleaning the floor, walls, and tub with a bleach solution. Clean and organize cabinets. Take the opportunity to declutter your home including items in the bathroom.

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If you have hardwood floors, be sure to sweep them once a week to remove any dirt or dust.

Keep glass shower door enclosures clean and remove any hard water deposits. There are commercial products such as CLR that can be used or you can make your own with a vinegar solution. It is recommended to do this regularly to prevent hard water deposit build-up.

Clean all mirrors and clean out medicine cabinets when you are going to spring clean your home. It is a good idea to dispose of old medication that you may have left in the medicine cabinet that is no longer needed. There are certain locations where you can dispose of unneeded medication. Do not flush the medication as that is not acceptable. There are some upgrades that can be done to remodel your bathroom and provide an updated look and feel.

Organize and Clean Your Bedrooms

spring clean your homeYour bedroom is one of the most personal rooms in your home. It needs to be clean and organized so that you can relax and sleep comfortably. To clean your bedroom, start by wiping down the walls,  baseboards, top of doors, and door handles with a damp cloth. Vacuum the floor and furniture in the bedroom to spring clean your home. If you have a robot for a vacuum, then it will easily clean under the bed.

Wash all of your bedding including the mattress pad. Wash your comforter and decorative pillows if they are washable. If not, have them dry cleaned. Wipe down all furniture with furniture polish. Utilize furniture wood oil for any wood furniture.

If you have a flat-screen television, wipe it down with a microfiber cloth. Be very careful what cleaning solution to utilize as it can damage the finish of the flat screen.

A deeply cleaned room will turn your bedroom into a tranquil oasis for ultimate relaxation.

Clean Your Windows and Doors

Cleaning your windows and doors is an important part of keeping your home clean. To clean your windows, use a window cleaner or a vinegar and water mixture. To clean your doors, wipe them down with a damp cloth.  Be sure to wear gloves when cleaning door handles or any other areas that may be sensitive.

During the springtime, pollen will be circulating. If you have windows or doors that are not sealed well against the outside elements, pollen will get inside your home. Check to see if any of your windows or doors are cracked or if they are just not sealed well enough. If necessary, seal them up with some weatherproof. Pollen can cause allergies for people and their pets as well.spring clean your home

If you have a two-story home, cleaning your windows may require the needs of a professional. There are reputable window cleaning companies who will clean the interior and exterior of the windows. They will also clean the screens. You might want to replace any damaged screens during the cleaning process. That way you can enjoy open windows and the fresh air. Professional window cleaners can also clean the mirrors inside the home, as well as power spray any exterior area. There are exterior spring cleaning tips to keep the exterior of the home neat and tidy. A clean and organized outdoor space will be enjoyed by the homeowners.

Clean Your Furniture and Carpets

Spring clean your home by cleaning furniture and carpets. It is another important part of cleaning your home in the springtime. To clean furniture, use furniture polish or a cloth dampened with soap and water. To clean carpets, use a carpet cleaner or an enzyme cleaner diluted with water. Be sure to wear gloves when cleaning any areas that may be sensitive.

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If you are considering replacing carpet with vinyl flooring, that is definitely desirable and easier to keep clean. You can order flooring from home improvement stores such as Lowes or Home Depot. There are certain existing floorings the vinyl can be installed right on top of the existing flooring.

Maintain new vinyl flooring by regularly vacuuming it and wiping it down with a good quality floor care product.

Many homeowners are utilizing robots to keep their floors clean. There are many different makers but a popular one is Roomba. The robots are controlled with an app on your smartphone. Robots are a great way to keep the flooring surfaces clean. The dustbins do need to be emptied on a regular basis. There are some robots that empty the dust bins automatically. The beater bars also need to be cleaned off after each cleaning. If you are selling a home with pets, then set up a schedule with your Roomba or vacuum robot to keep the home clean and tidy.

Final Thoughts

How can I spring clean my house in one day? It will take longer than one day to deep clean and organize your home. Follow these 5 tips to spring clean your home in springtime and you’ll be ready for some fresh air! A clean and organized home will definitely make a good first impression on any visitors or if you are selling, any potential buyers.

Use a spring cleaning guide to help you to accomplish the task. Deep cleaning and keeping your home clean and organized will help to maintain the condition of the home and revive home value.

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