7 Important Home Features Buyers are Looking For in a Home

7 Important Home Features Buyers are Looking For in a Home

There are specific home features that buyers are looking for when searching for a home. While last year was a great time tohome features sell your home, 2022 also promises to be good for sellers. There is continued low inventory which is creating a high demand for homes. It is expected that there will be more homes for sale, however,  sellers will need to do more to achieve the price they want for their home. Some of these home features will add value to the home and ensure that it sells quickly!

If you’re planning to put your home on the market this year, there are things you can do to improve your chance of selling your home at the price you want by adding some home features that will ultimately boost the value of the home.

Preparing your home for sale involves fixing the problems you know about and rejuvenating the home. But to improve how easily you sell your home, you should make sure the home features are what buyers are currently looking for.

We review 7 of the features people are looking for when they are buying a home in 2022.

A Contemporary Front Door

When buying a home in 2022, potential purchasers expect stylish and contemporary designs. A modern front door can be a great place to start to improve the perception of your home to potential buyers. It is, after all, one of the first things they will notice about your home. A new and updated front door will improve the curb appeal of your home.

High-quality sleek wooden doors create the right impression when buyers enter your property. Solid modern doors will also improve security and look better than the more traditional ornate doors. A new front door is one of the home features that buyers are considering and that will make the entry of the home very appealing.

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Office Space

A big trend over the last couple of years has been working from home. So if you have some suitable space in your home for that purpose, this will be attractive to many buyers. Having a neat and organized office space will help to create a more productive environment.

Even if you don’t have a home office currently, you could set up another room as an office. Choose a room that benefits from natural light with plenty of power outlets, and turn it into the perfect home office. Consider adding feng shui tips to your home office to create a harmonious environment.

home featuresLaundry Rooms

Having a washer and dryer is an expectation for buyers. So if you don’t already have them, it might be worth considering having these appliances installed before the home goes on the market. There are buyers looking for a laundry that is inside the home. However, there are homes where the washer and dryer are located in the garage or in a closet outside. You may decide to leave the appliances and buy new ones for your new home.

If you have a laundry room to house the appliances, even better. Perhaps you can convert part of your home into a laundry room if you don’t already have one.

If you are planning on having a laundry room, consider adding a utility sink. They are very beneficial. Even if the laundry hookups are in the garage, a laundry sink in the garage can be hugely beneficial to a home.

Garage Upgrade

For a long time, garages haven’t been exclusively used for storing vehicles, with many people’s garages never being used for their cars. Nowadays, it is more common to find gym equipment, stored furniture, sports equipment, construction projects, or countless other items stored in the garage instead of vehicles.

Make your home more attractive to buyers by improving your garage. Be sure to organize your garage and get rid of the clutter. Make sure the room is fitted out with drywall, consider installing tiled floors, and ensure there are enough power outlets.

Energy Efficiency

Buyers are looking for energy-efficient features when looking for their new home. A property with solar panels is going to be more attractive to buyers, though this is quite a serious upgrade. However, there are other features that can improve thehome features home’s energy-efficient credentials that aren’t as major an addition.

Consider energy-efficient lighting, improved HVAC systems, rainwater collection, and garden composting as simpler ways to improve the green appeal of your home. homes that are energy efficient will save a homeowner money in monthly utility bills.

Open Plan

Open plan layouts are more sought after than divided living areas. Buyers prefer open airy living spaces, and if your home doesn’t offer that perhaps you can make some changes. This can be expensive especially if the walls are weight-bearing. Opening up a floor plan is one of the home features that will update your home.

Removing a wall between the living room or the dining room and the kitchen can make a huge difference to the appeal of your home.

Skylights and Solar Tubes

Natural light is not only great for our well-being, but it’s also more appealing to buyers. If you have rooms in your home that could benefit from more light and there is an option to install a skylight, it will make the room more inviting. Solar tubes are tubes that bring in natural light. They are great for closets or hallways that have minimal natural light.

While this isn’t the easiest of changes, it will be an appealing feature in the room. This should improve the overall feel of the home.

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Closing Thoughts

What buyers are looking for in-home features changes over time. Even though selling a home has been relatively easy recently, there are things you should do now to improve your home for buyers.  Many of these suggestions are money-saving home improvement tips.

If you can upgrade your home with some of the latest home features that buyers are looking for, it will be easier for them to overlook anything that isn’t exactly what they want. It will also give you the best chance of selling your home for the highest price possible.

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