11 Important Facts About Moving Boxes

11 Important Facts About Moving Boxes

Facts About Moving Boxes

There are important facts about moving boxes. When you are preparing to move home, you may have a lot of real estate questions. An important fact is to make sure you are getting the right moving boxes is a task that can be overlooked. But with the right kinds of boxes, you will remove much of the risk of damage to your possessions and reduce your stress on moving day.

We take a look at the things you need to consider and are facts about moving boxes.

Buying Moving Boxes

Other facts about moving boxes are where you are going to get them. You will have plenty of options to buy your moving boxes. You can find them in Walmart, Lowes, and that your nearest U-Haul location. Self-storage companies may also sell you boxes, and you can always order them online from Amazon. Other places to find moving boxes are stores such as Office Depot and home improvement stores. Being prepared and have enough and a variety of sizes of boxes is a good way to avoid exhausting moving mistakes.

Not All Cardboard Boxes are the SameFacts about moving boxes

When you are buying boxes, not all cardboard boxes offer exactly the same thing. They have different strength and crush ratings, for example. Normal cardboard boxes might be able to carry 40 lbs before there’s a risk of failure, with heavy-duty boxes taking twice that weight if they are double-walled. The last thing you want is for movers to be lifting an overpacked box, and it fails and now you have damaged items.

If you have fragile items, consider packing them up yourself. It is a good idea to keep the original box as it is much safer to pack that item up in the original box. The only downside of keeping the boxes is that they take up room in your home. If you reside in a condo, then there may not be as much storage available in the home.

What Sizes do You Need?

Other facts about moving boxes include determining what size you will need. There are a few different standard size boxes available, and you might find it is better to have a selection of different sizes, rather than just one. Typically, you can expect moving boxes to be available in small, medium, and large sizes.

Smaller boxes tend to be better for heavier items, and larger ones are better for bulky possessions such as bedding and pillow. Choosing a mixture of box sizes should make sure you have all the possibilities catered for. More facts about moving boxes are to ensure you have a variety of sizes to accommodate your possessions.

Facts about moving boxesSpecialty Boxes

You can also buy specialty boxes to make sure your more difficult to pack items are kept secure. If you don’t still have the box your TV came in, you can buy a TV box that will prevent the screen from getting cracked during transportation.

You can get wardrobe boxes to make packing your clothes as easy as possible. These allow you to simply transfer your clothes to the box while they are still on the hanger.

If you do not use wardrobe boxes, It is easy enough to rubberband the hangers together, and use new large garbage bags to protect them. This is a good way to keep your clothing protected and organized while moving.

How Much do Moving Boxes Cost?

The prices of normal cardboard moving boxes aren’t too high. Prices tend to start at under a dollar for smaller moving boxes, up to around $1.50 for larger options. The costs included are more facts about moving boxes.

Specialty boxes can cost quite a lot more, however. Since they will likely include other things than just cardboard, like padding, you could pay as much as $10.

How Many do You Need?

It can be difficult to assess how many boxes you need. Other facts about moving boxes are to carefully consider the number of possessions you have to move. It is a good idea to declutter Larger homes, more family members, and the number of years you have lived in the property will affect the number of items you have to move.

If you are unsure, there are a few online calculators that can help you out. It is always better to have too many boxes than not enough, so try to overestimate your requirements.

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Used Boxes

A money-saving moving tip when moving includes obtaining used boxes. Boxes that have been used by other people during their move are another option. You can buy them online, or even get them for free sometimes. Some people offer their used boxes online for other people to collect from them. These are important facts about moving boxes.

There are some great locations to obtain free moving boxes. Places such as Staples, Craigs List, Book stores, and more.

Choosing Plastic Boxes

Instead of or as well as cardboard boxes, you can use plastic containers for your moving supplies. Plastic boxes offer facts about moving boxesa number of advantages over the more common cardboard variety. They are less likely to break, sometimes have lids as well as handles, and offer more protection against water damage.

If you are planning to use long-term storage, they make a better choice thanks to the resistance to pest attack and protection against damp. The big downside with these types of boxes is, of course, the cost. Expect to pay at least $5 for these boxes.


It is also possible to rent plastic moving boxes when moving to a new location. These companies will deliver the boxes to you in time for you to pack your stuff, and then they will collect them again after you have unpacked.

Though prices will vary between rental companies, the boxes will be cheaper than buying similar plastic tubs, but more expensive than cardboard.

Moving with Pets

You will need to take your pet’s needs into account as well. Plan ahead when moving with pets. You can buy plastic, sealed storage containers for either dog or cat food which helps to keep it fresh. Be sure to keep enough food and water with you for the move with the pets.

facts about moving boxesOther Things You’ll Need

Along with the boxes, you will also need materials to protect the items you pack when moving to a new city. Buy bubble wrap or packing peanuts to keep your items safe. You will also need some packing tape, and labeling your boxes is also a very good idea.

Thinking about the facts about moving boxes you need and preparing in advance, can save you from costly accidents taking place on moving day. Having the right boxes should save you from a lot of potential stress and worry.

You will also need tape to securely pack up the boxes and be sure to label them. It is a good idea to color-code them for each room or label what room they will be going to.

Final Thoughts

Moving can be stressful but planning ahead to ensure it will be less stressful. Making sure that you have the right boxes that will accommodate your move. Consider buying your boxes about 60-90 days before your move. Start packing things up and declutter as you go. You do not need to move things that you just plan on getting rid of in the future.

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