Reorganize Your Garage | 6 Helpful Tips

When you reorganize your garage, it is so refreshing to have it neat and organized. It is easy to think of your garage as a place to store stuff for later, a place where you can put items you don’t currently need. But this often means a disorganized space where things are difficult to find.

reorganize your garageIf you have a messy garage and it is a chaotic mess, you wouldn’t be alone. However, there are many things you can do to reorganize and make better use of the garage floor space.

If you need to reorganize your garage, we have some helpful tips. Having an organized garage is a good idea especially when moving to a new location. If your garage is neatly organized in storage containers, the move will be more organized. Additionally, there are moving services that movers will provide.

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Reorganize Your Garage by Sorting Through ItemsReorganize Your Garage

The first step to dealing with a chaotic garage is to open the garage door and sort through your items. Create a pile of things you no longer need, this can then be divided between things you can be thrown away and items that can be donated to charity. You can also consider having a garage sale to get rid of unnecessary items. Depending on what you are going to store whether it be sports equipment, soccer balls, snowboarding equipment, and more, it can neatly and safely be stored. It is a great idea to keep the equipment together when you reorganize your garage.

Another common item stored in the garage is garden equipment and garden tools. Once you have cut down on the number of items, you can divide the things you want to keep into organized groups when you reorganize your garage. If you store similar items together, it will make it a lot easier to find things when you need them. Holiday decorations can be stored in colorful storage boxes where it will be easy to locate.

Keeping Things Contained

Plastic containers are a great way to store many types of items. If you get clear containers, it will be easier to see which items are located where.

If you use containers with lids, it will be easier to stack the containers and keep the contents inside in better condition. Plastic bins will help protect your stuff from rodent attacks and other types of pests, as well as damp and seasonal temperature changes. You can find storage bins at Home Depot or Lowes and they are fairly inexpensive.

Having an organized garage will also add value to your home in the event you are selling it in the future. The storage containers can be labeled and stacked to maximize the floor space and create easy access to your items. Small items should be stored in containers and put up on the top, lighter weight items on top are safer. Larger items and bulky items should be at the bottom of your stacked containers.

reorganize your garageEase of Access to Items in Your Garage

Some of the items you store in your garage will be needed regularly, others, not so much. Make sure that you make it very easy to get to the things you know that you need frequently.

Items that you will only need occasionally, or you just need to store for a long time, can be positioned under or behind other things.

If you consider what items should be where before reorganizing, you will save yourself a lot of headaches and waste time in the future trying to find items when you need them.

It is important to have ease of access and a clear walking area in your garage. This is especially important if the homeowner is a senior who is aging in place. The living area, as well as the garage, needs to be free of debris and tripping hazards.

Staying Safe

When you are deciding where to store your items, some things need special consideration. Flammable items, like gasoline or propane, shouldn’t be stored in your garage. A slight accident with these flammable materials could lead to your garage and your house being burned down.

Also, if you have any hazardous materials that are toxic, like pesticides, they need to be stored carefully. Ideally, these should be locked away in cabinets so that children can’t accidentally get hold of them.

Wall Space

To make the best use of space when you reorganize your garage, you should use your garage wall space better. There are many differentReorganize your garage options for things you can attach to the wall to help you stay organized.

Shelving: You can attach a track shelf system or use standalone shelves to store smaller items that you need to find easily on the garage walls. Some shelving options are capable of storing heavier items, just as long as they are securely attached to the wall.

Cabinets: If you want to store your items out of sight, cabinets with doors could be the way to go. With everything hidden away, it will look tidier and you won’t have to stare at your stored items every time you enter the garage.

Pegboards: A versatile storage option, pegboards can be used to attach various hooks, tool holders, clamps, bins, and shelving to the wall. Pegboards are great for difficult-to-store items that aren’t too heavy.

Slatwall storage: A more advanced and heavy-duty version of pegboards, Slatwall systems can be used to cover entire walls. Because of their construction, they can store heavier items like bikes, ladders, and storage units. Thanks to the design, you can reconfigure your storage unit when you need to by moving the brackets or adding more when you reorganize your garage.

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Ceiling Space

Certain items that you aren’t going to use often can be attached to the ceiling to save space. Things like ladders, surfboards, skis, and other seasonal items, can be attached by brackets or straps to ceiling joists.

There are pulley systems available to make access to these items easier. Though, whatever you decide to store on the ceiling, you need to make sure it doesn’t get in the way of opening the garage doors.

Final Thought

After you have organized your garage, and you still have too much stuff that you want to store, consider comparing storage companies to ultimately store your extra stuff. Another great idea is to install garage cabinets for the organization. Garage floors always look nice when painted with an epoxy type of paint and they are easy to maintain.

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