Selecting a Realtor | 6 Important Tips to Know

Selecting a Realtor | 6 Important Tips to Know

When you are selecting a Realtor, what criteria do you consider when you are hiring an agent?  Do you talk to friends and family about who they used as their professional Realtor? A referral is always an excellent way to find a Realtor. It is important to find an agent that is a neighborhood specialist to help a buyer find the best neighborhood to live in.

Are you considering hiring a relative out of obligation . . . Keep in mind, that it is a business transaction from start to finish. There are many important reasons to use a Realtor when buying or selling a home. Although it can be emotional when purchasing or selling a home, an experienced Real Estate agent can guide you through the home buying or home selling process.

selecting a realtorSelecting a Realtor

Make sure you do your research. Talk to your friends and family for a good referral. Inquire about the experience. When you called to speak to the Realtor you are considering, did they return your phone calls in a timely manner?

When selecting a Realtor, be sure to inquire about their style of communication, and how they are providing their marketing activities. Real Estate transactions are a two-way process. The client should establish a method of communication to ensure they are finding out the status of the house on a regular basis!

It is imperative for Realtors to regularly update their client with the market activity on a home when selling. It is recommended to share all marketing tasks including professional photography, social media posts, and much more. There are steps that a seller needs to take to take when preparing their home for professional photography.

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What Are Your Expectations?Selecting a Realtor

Real Estate agents need to understand their client’s expectations . . . some may prefer to receive communication via text, email, or weekly phone calls. These are all important factors. Establish the communication that works best f or all parties to avoid any misunderstandings once you are working together. Write down your goals in advance.

If you are purchasing a home, has the Realtor explained the home-buying process in detail? The buyer needs to meet with a mortgage professional before beginning the home-buying process.

Selecting a realtor to sell your home is very important. Your agent will guide you through the home-selling process. It is important to take an initial assessment of the home and make recommendations about what needs to be done to receive the best price!

Google the Neighborhood When Selecting a Realtor

If you are looking for a “neighborhood” Realtor, consider using Google or a search engine as a way to find out who has the most exposure in the area. Look at the neighborhood you are considering and Google that neighborhood.  Look to what agents come up when searching the neighborhood.  This is an excellent way to get more information to know when selecting a realtor. It is important for sellers to choose a real estate agent who is knowledgeable of the community.

If you are selling, and you have selected a few Realtors to consider, set up interviews, and look at their preparedness. The Realtor should have information for a buyer to assist the buyer with home pricing.

Selecting a Realtor is the most important part of the home-selling process.

Selecting a Realtor – Hiring a Team or an Individual Agent?

These are just a few considerations when you are hiring your realtor. An important consideration to factor in is if you are working with a team or an individual agent. When you hire a team, you may not always be dealing with the team leader, so if that is important consider hiring a personal agent.

There may be questions about selecting a Realtor or the process of either purchasing or selling a home. Be sure to ask questions to ensure you understand the process.

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Look for Red Flags When Buying a Home

A Realtor that is objective will be able to help a buyer to identify any red flags when buying a home. It can be easy for a buyer to get emotional about a property, but it is imperative to stay objective and remember this is one of the largest investments that you will make. Even if a home has been remodeled, there may be significant red flags that stand out with the house. Some investors may just complete a minor remodel without even looking at any of the systems of the home.

Selecting a RealtorA buyer needs to obtain a home inspection when buying a home. The home inspector may identify some issues with the house that may turn out to be extremely costly for the home buyer. The home inspection is a cost to the home buyer, however, it is money well spent. Other inspections may get triggered as a result of a home inspection such as a roof inspection, sewer inspection, and more.

The purchase agreement will include a home inspection contingency. What that means to a buyer is that if something is uncovered during the home inspection that the buyer does not want to fix or repair, then they can cancel the transaction.

Another important inspection to obtain is a pest inspection. Depending upon the part of the country that you live in, it is important to be aware of the pests that are possible such as termites.

Final Thoughts

Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest financial investments you will make in your lifetime. The home you reside in will provide a sense of home and security, and ideally, a financial investment that will improve over time. Be sure to hire an experienced agent when selecting a Realtor to assist you with the home-buying process.

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