When you are considering hiring a Newport Beach Real Estate agent, what criteria do you consider when you are selecting that Newport Beach Real Estate Agent.  Do you talk to friends and family about who they used? A referral is always a good way to find a Realtor. Are you looking for a neighborhood specialist?  Are you considering hiring a relative out of obligation . . . Keep in mind, it is a business transaction from start to finish. Although it can be emotional when purchasing or selling a home, an experienced Newport Beach Real Estate agent can guide you through the process.

Make sure you do your research. Talk to your friends and family for a good referral. Inquire about the experience. When you called to speak to the Realtor you are considering, did they return your phone calls in a timely manner? Inquire about how they will communicate their marketing activities to you if you are selling. Real Estate transactions are a two way process. It is important for the Newport Beach Real Estate agent to adapt to their client’s expectations . . . some may prefer to receive communication via text, email, or weekly phone calls. These are all important considerations. Try and lay the ground work up in front to avoid any misunderstandings once you are working together.

If you are purchasing a home, has the Newport Beach Realtor explained the process in detail? Did they have you meet with a lender first? I would recommend having the purchase agreement and associated documents explained to ensure that the process is completely understood.

If you are looking for a “neighborhood” Realtor, consider using Google as a way to find out who is the one who has the most exposure in the area. Look at the neighborhood you are considering and Google that neighborhood.  See who comes up and look at their websites and blog sites.

If you are selling, and you have selected a few Realtors to consider, set up interviews and look at their preparedness. Do they have the information that will help you make an informed decision about pricing? Is the collateral material professional? What does their marketing material look like?

These are just a few considerations when you are selecting your Newport Beach Realtor.

If I can answer any questions about selecting a Realtor, or the process or either purchasing or selling a home, please contact me.

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