10 Important Facts About Utilizing Storage PODS

10 Important Facts About Utilizing Storage PODS

When moving home, using storage PODS or portable on-demand storage is an option that more people are choosing. It offers many advantages over more traditional moving options, but there are some downsides too. Utilizing a storage POD can create a stress-free move.

We take a look at 10 of the important things you need to know about storage PODS before renting one.

Reducing Your Costsstorage PODS

The costs involved with renting these types of storage PODS can frequently be less expensive than utilizing professional movers. You can pack your stuff in storage PODS over a few weeks, only having it taken away when you are ready. Using a storage POD can help you save money with your move.

There are other ways to save money with moving such as packing yourself and make sure that you try and find free boxes. Be sure to compare moving companies to ensure that this is the most beneficial way of moving. It can be very cost-effective to utilize a storage POD versus hiring professional movers. Additionally, you can control the packing and how items are being packed. You would be reducing the risk of damaged or broken items.

Your Timeline

Renting storage PODS allows you to move in your own time, without having to rush packing items into a truck. Instead, you will get the storage PODS for a month at a time, allowing you to pack gradually with less pressure. You can obtain your moving boxes prior to having the storage POD delivered. Then you can pack the boxes and be sure to color-code them so you know which room they are to be delivered to at your destination. There are some great places where you can find free moving boxes as well which will ultimately save you money with your move.

Simplifying Storage

There are many situations where you might need to put your stuff in storage for a short while when moving to a new city. If you have a gap between moving out of your old home and moving into your new property, using storage PODS makes it easy to store our items for a month or two.

They will keep your unit in their secure facilities for a few months for relatively low fees. Then when you are ready to move into your new home, the POD can be delivered.

Lack of Climate Controls

If you need to store your items for a while,  utilizing storage PODS might not be the best option. Longer-term storage often benefits from climate controls so that environmental changes, like the temperature inside the container, as you don’t want the temperature to damage your items.

Temperature changes can lead to mildew and mold growth that does damage your valuables. Though if you are only storing items for a few months, the risks are fairly low.

storage PODSEasy Loading

Unlike moving trucks that you could rent, you don’t have to worry about ramps or lifting items into the back of the vehicle. Storage PODS are almost at the same level as your driveway, with only a small step needed. This makes loading the POD very easy and reduces your risk of back problems when lifting heavy items.

When utilizing a POD, you can get the whole family involved to assist with packing up the POD. There are tips for moving with children, and having them be part of the process will reduce anxiety and stress when moving to a new location. Children do like to be involved with the moving process as well and will feel included.

Additionally, when putting heavier items into the POD such as a washer and dryer, you will avoid the ramps of a moving truck.

POD Shipping Schedules

You might find that your POD isn’t delivered exactly on the day you need it. Since the company will be looking to put a few PODS on their delivery truck, you might not get your POD exactly when you would ideally want it.

Placing the POD

PODS need to be placed on level ground close to your home. To place them, they normally need a lot more room for the truck to maneuver. If you don’t have room for a POD, they can be placed on the street, but there could be restrictions. Be sure to check with the city about placing the POD on a city street. You may be required to obtain a permit. Depending on the rules in your neighborhood and city, this may or may not be acceptable. If it isn’t, using POD storage may not be an option for you.

Security Concernsstorage PODS

When you are placing your items in a container that is accessible to anyone, there is a risk of you falling victim to theft. While there will be a padlock on the container, it can tempt thieves to try and break in to steal your stuff.

POD Construction

The materials used in the construction of a POD affect the amount of protection they will offer to your stuff. Some companies only offer storage containers that are constructed from wood with canvas covers, others use steel frames and aluminum sheet skins. You should check what the company is offering to make sure your items have the level of protection you need.

Storage PODSHow Much Does POD Rental Cost?

There are several self-storage options that will range in price.  The price you are likely to pay for a POD will be somewhere between the cost of a rental truck and full-service movers. Get a few quotes from companies before you pick your POD supplier.

There are a few things you need to think about when getting a quote, like the size of unit you need, and how long you need it for. Where you want the POD storage container shipped to, and the time of year, are other factors affecting the costs.

You should budget to spend at least $500 to have a POD outside your home for a month. There will be delivery charges, pick-up fees, and shipping to your destination costs included in that figure. This just gives you a rough idea of the costs, get quotes to find out how much storage PODS will cost you in your situation.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are moving to a new condo or downsizing your home, there are some great ways to simplify your move. Storage PODS are a reasonable consideration when planning your move. The benefits include that the POD is delivered outside your home, and you are able to pack it at your own leisure. A storage POD is a great option when moving. Ultimately, you will be responsible for packing the items safely. You can hire movers to pack the storage POD s well. Planning ahead with your move with help you to avoid exhausting moving mistakes. You will want to decide early on how you will be organizing your move, and there are tips to plan your move!

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