This topic comes up a lot about the use of professional photography. Some agents are convinced they can take their own, and believe me, many can and do an excellent job. I personally utilize a Canon 60D with a wide angle lens, external flash, and my photos are excellent, however in some cases it is completely beneficial to utilize a professional photographer.  For my listings, I do utilize a professional. I do take my own community photography, and outdoor photography however.

Some of the benefits of utilizing a professional photographer:

  • Stage all of the photos for the property. I am very lucky as the photographers I utilize allow me to stage every shot and have the patience with me to do so. What does that mean to stage the shots? Move furniture, move electrical cords, stage items on kitchen counters, place wine glasses, etc.  We have even moved living room rugs, because it makes the room appear to be more open.
  • Professional photographers truly have an eye. I believe they can see they and make great recommendations to ensure a fabulous shot.
  • Processing the photos . . . in my opinion, their ability to process the photos makes all the difference.

How this benefits YOU!!!

  • Your house will appear in the best possible light on the internet and in print for buyers, and agents who have buyers. If a home looks great online, then a buyer will want to come and view it in person.
  • Potential buyers will look at the photographs and all of the different rooms and outdoor spaces to gauge a visualization, and view the virtual tour also.
  • Professional photography helps to showcase the items that stand out in your home – do you have a chandelier outside? Is the landscaping new? These details are showcased and it benefits you. It shows the architectural details, and the highlights of the home!

One other item, if you are listing your home for sale, then it is my recommendation to ensure that the professional photos are uploaded at the same time the listing is into the MLS. If not, if your listing agent waits a few days or week to get the photos uploaded, then your listing is on the MLS WITHOUT photos. Buyers will click away if they cannot view the property. And it takes some time for the 3rd party sites to catch up with the photos after they are uploaded.

If you have any questions about the use of professional photography, please contact me, or if you would like a reference for a professional photographer, then contact me!!

Article Name
Professional Photography when selling your Newport Beach Home
Professional photographers truly have an eye. I believe they can see they and make great recommendations to ensure a fabulous shot.

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