Selling Your Newport Beach Home | Suggestions for Selling Your Newport Beach Home

Considering selling your Newport Beach home this fall? Homes are selling, and you want your home to be in the best possible condition and have an overall great first impression when buyers come to view the home.

Consider selling your home this fall

1. Address deferred maintenance.

  • Do you have sprinklers that are leaking in the front yard? That will be the first item that will be noted as someone is walking into your house.
  • Paint or touch up paint on exterior of home and interior of home. Keep in mind baseboards and crown molding that may need touching up. Fresh paint always gives a home a clean appearance.
  • Repair or replace exterior screens.
  • Address any systems in your home that need attention including HVAC, plumbing or electrical. Keep in mind these items will be discovered during the home inspection process. And if a buyer sees that there are many items needing attention, then they may assume the home has not been maintained.
  • Replace burnt out light bulbs.

2. Touch up garden and add fall annual flowers.

  • Make sure that garden is neat and tidy.
  • Fall flowers should be added to create the overall good first impression. Remember, your home only has one chance to make a good first impression.
  • Add flowers to pots on patio and entry way also.

3. De-clutter and organize your home.

  • You are moving, so now is the time to de-clutter and organize your home. Not only the living areas, but also the cabinets, drawers and closets. Keep in mind that buyers will open closets to see how much space there is.
  • Take down personal photographs. I have seen people looking at the personal photographs and that can be distracting to a buyer. You want your home to be neutral.

4. Make sure your home and windows are clean.newport beach house clean

  • Have your windows professionally cleaned.
  • Clean all the mirrors in the home.
  • Clean and remove any hard water spots from glass shower enclosures.

4. Stage your home.

  • Add decorator pillows on couches and chairs to create warmth.
  • Add house plants in a few strategic locations.
  • Make sure beds are neatly made and decorator pillows are utilized.
  • Consult your Realtor® and she may recommend a professional staging consultation.

5. Pets.

  • If you have birds, make sure cages are clean (really clean) with no seed under it. You want no odors that may be offensive to any potential buyers.
  • If you have a a cat, I would recommend crating the cat during any showings. I have actually had some buyers turned off and actually afraid of cats. If there is a liter box, put it in the garage.
  • If you have a dog, be sure to have the yard picked up and clean. Take the dog with you during showings, because the dog(s) may be distracting to a potential buyer and there is the possibility the buyer may be afraid of a dog.

If you would like a complimentary consultation on staging and organizing your home before listing it for sale, please contact me.

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Considering Selling Your Newport Beach Home This Fall?
Homes are selling, and you want your home to be in the best possible condition and have an overall great first impression when buyers come to view the home

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