Homes for Sale on Lido Isle in Newport Beach | Market Report Lido Isle Newport Beach | March, 2013

Lido Island in Newport Beach is a highly coveted area in Newport Beach which is an island. Access to Lido Island is via a bridge going to Lido Island. Lido Island has bay front homes and many of these homes have slips available for their yachts.

Lido Island home for sale

The bayfront homes located on Lido Isle in Newport Beach have incredible views of Newport Harbor. Many of these homes do have slips, however some are bayfront without slips.

Currently, there are  15 active listings on Lido Island in Newport Beach, 4 in back up statusand 0 pending sales, and 3 sales for the month of March, 2013.

The average sales price for the past one year is $2,463,642 with a price per square foot of $885.03.

Median price for Lido Island over past one year is $1,872,500 and a price per square foot of $750.27.

Both the average and median price are slightly increased over the market report for February, 2013.
15 Listings compared to 12 listings in February, 2013  
4 Back Up compared to 3 listings in February, 2013
0 Pending compared to 3 in February, 2013 
3 Sold compared to 2 in February, 2013 

Inventory has remained consistent from the prior month, and the trend on Lido Island in Newport Beach. View the absorption rate on Lido Island below which is favoring a seller’s market.

 Homes for sale on Lido Isle

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