Pricing your Newport Beach Home like a Professional!

How to Price Your Newport Beach Home 

When you are pricing your Newport Beach home at the right price, it could make a difference in your home selling quickly, or your home sitting on the market without any offers. When a home sits on the market, the less it will sell for and the listing may become stale. Buyers want to know why the home has been on the market so long, as days on market are as important consideration.

And the longer a property is on the market, generally the offers are lower.

REALTORS® are professionals when it comes to establishing the value of your home.

Below area few tips that Realtors® use to determine the valuation of a Newport Beach property that actually gets potential buyers in the door of your home, while still getting the most amount of money for your home.

Five ways your Newport Beach Real Estate Agent will use to price your  home for sale:Newport Beach open house

  1. Home Sales History  – It is important to look at the market over the past several years to determine trends. These trends will help you to see whether the market has appreciated (or depreciated) over the past few years.
  2. Location, location, location  – You have all heard that before, especially with real estate. Consider the street, does it back up to a busy street, does it back up to sports field where the lights stay on till 10 at night? These are all factors that need to be considered when establishing the market value for your home. Another consideration in the Newport Beach area is – is there a view?
  3. Review Recent Comparable Sales  – Review the recent sales in your neighborhood and see what has sold. Make sure you are comparing “like” properties with bedrooms, baths, size, square footage, upagrades and of course condition of property.
  4. Think Like a Buyer –  A good Newport Beach Real Estate Agent will take you around to view the other properties for sale so you can view what your competition is. Look at the condition of other properties, how they present, curb appeal, is it clean and decluttered? These are all factors to keep in mind!
  5. Be Objective – remember this is business. Buyers are savvy and they have done their research. Be prepared remember they are making a large financial investment.

If I can answer any questions about pricing your home, please contact me.

Protect Your Newport Beach Home at an Open House

Protect Your Newport Beach Home at an Open House

Open Homes in Newport Beach


You have your Newport Beach home listed for sale and your have decided that you would like to get the additional exposure of an open house. You and your Realtor® have discussed this and preparations needs to be made.

The difference between scheduled showings and open homes are quite different. A scheduled showing is where your Realtor® accompanies potential buyers around the property, and describing in detail the benefits and feature of the home.

When you are having an open house, it is more difficult to control where people will be, so it is imperative to make sure that your property is open house ready

  • Secure all valuables, jewelry, electronics, firearms and prescription medication. Put it away, and not underneath or in a cabinet. Make sure it is far out of reach from someone who can easily grab and go. I have been at open houses where a “family” or large number of people come through, and they all went in different directions. Anything at all, that you consider of value, needs to be put away securely. Put it in a box labeled forks in the garage (being facetious here . . . but you get the idea).  I recently heard about a story where an open house was held and there was many people that came through, and during the open house, a lap top was stolen.
  • Also, if you have any collectibles that you are worried about, be sure to put them away. You are getting read to move, so why not begin the moving process, and honestly less is more.
  • Ask your Realtor to bring an assistant to watch other doors, upstairs or locations that may be of concern.
  • Have your agent use some type of method to have prospects sign in, with email address also. There are also electronic methods which I do prefer, and helps to keep track who has been in the home
  • Be sure to inform your neighbors you are having an open house, so they can keep an eye out also.
  • Your Realtor can limit the number of people in the house, and just ask them to wait outside until a more manageable number is coming through.

Keep in mind, there can be prospective thieves coming through to get an idea how to gain entry into the home. Be sure to lock every single door and window after an open house to ensure that no one can easily gain entry into the home.

I have had clients in the past who asked me to prequalify every single person who came through the property.

Protect your home and discuss with your agent if the exposure will really sell the home.

Selling Your Newport Beach Home this Summer!!

Preparing your Newport Beach home for summer activities. Are you considering selling your Newport Beach home?

Summer is arriving quickly and here are some suggestions if you are getting your home prepared to sell.

  1. Plant annual color in your flower beds in the next couple of weeks so that the flowers will be in full bloom within a few weeks. If you do not have a lot of space to plant flowers, then container gardening may be the way to go. Additionally, the flowers create a great first impression.
  2. Fertilize your lawn, and re-seed if necessary.
  3. Add colorful and flowering plants in flower beds.
  4. If you have any water features, then clean the filter and ensure the filter and pump are workingReplace filters if necessary.water feature in Newport Beach
  5. Clean the windows. This is a good time to have your windows and screens cleaned. Keep in the mind it is a good opportunity to have the salt air cleaned off your windows and screens for Newport Beach home owners. This helps reduce corrosion from the salt air.
  6. How does your patio furniture look? The climate is warm and temperate at the beach. If your patio furniture is in need of painting, there are many local vendors who can powder coat it..
  7. Do you have any leaky faucets? Now would be a good time to address that!
  8. Address deferred maintenance so that you can enjoy your home!

You will be enjoying your home more by keeping it in tip top shape, and at the same time should you decide you want to sell it during the “hot” summer months, your home will be ready to go!!


What is the Market Value of Your Newport Beach Home

Market Value of your Newport Beach Home | Newport Beach Home Market Value

You are considering listing your Newport Beach home for sale and an important consideration is establishing market value. There are several methods in which you should consider when pricing your home to for sale

  1. Internet Estimates: Many home buyers and sellers utilize internet estimates to help establish home value, however these internet estimates may be inaccurate. These estimates may not take into consideration particular upgrades that you have done to your home, which increased the value. Also, internet estimates may go the other way too . . . in the event that a home is in poor repair with deferred maintenance, then the internet estimate may be too high.
  2. Professional Appraisal: You can hire an independent appraiser to come out and appraise your home. Appraisers look at prior comparable sales, within a specific time frame.
  3. Comparable Sales: Consider recent comparable sales in your neighborhood or similar neighborhood. And don’t look at sales more than 6 months previously. Most appraisers will not even go back that far when establishing value of a home. Make sure you consider similar features on property – i.e. number of bedrooms, upgraded kitchen, upgraded bathrooms.
  4. Utilize a Realtor: This is the most important consideration when establishing value. Make sure you hire a full time Realtor, that is knowledgeable of the community in which you reside. A Realtor will look at recent home sales, active, and pending status when considering the value of your home. A Realtor will prepare a Comparative Market Analysis so you can consider each feature of your home in comparison to similar properties when establishing value.

If you are considering selling your Newport Beach home for sale, and would like a complimentary market analysis of your home, please contact me.



Preparing to Sell Your Newport Beach Home | Getting Top Dollar | Part 2

This is part 2 in a series about Preparing your Newport Beach home to sell. You can read about addressing deferred maintenance in part 1 of this series.newport beach house clean

1. One of the most important steps to take when preparing your Newport Beach home to sell is to de-clutter. What that means is to remove knick knacks and anything that creates the look of clutter. Less is more, and it will improve the overall appearance of the home. Even mail laying on the counter top can look cluttered. Is your kitchen organized? Put extra cooking supplies and spices away to create a more open space.  Organize drawers and closets, because buyers do look, and this can be a reflection on how the home has been maintained.

2. I would recommend putting away personal photographs, and have the home look as neutral as possible. I have seen buyers and even other agents stop to look at the photos. They want to know if they “know” that person, or are just being curious. Put them away, don’t distract buyers from looking at the house.

3. Does your home need fresh paint? Nothing makes a home look fresh and bright than a fresh coat new paint.  If the interior paint needs to be repainted, then do so. Another good suggestion is to touch up the baseboards and crown molding. Evaluate the exterior paint as well on your Newport Beach home. When you are choosing paint, select a neutral color. Keep in mind, you want to appeal to the masses – so try and avoid that turquoise paint!

4. How is the flooring in your Newport Beach home? Is the carpet clean, and more importantly – is it worn? Then you may need to consider replacing the carpet.

5. If bedrooms are smaller, consider using mirrored wardrobe doors in the bedrooms to enhance space and light.

6. Another tip – add healthy house plants in strategic locations to create a warm feel in the Newport Beach home.

7.  How does the exterior and landscaping look. Add annual color. Annual flowers always look great, and it is an inexpensive way to improve the curb appeal of the home. Along the same lines, how is the landscaping in general? Do trees need trimming? If so, consult with a professional Arborist to have them professionally trimmed to preserve the integrity of the trees.

8. Make sure to clean all windows, and repair and / or replace screens if needed. If you area has hard water – be sure to remove hard water spots from showers and glass enclosures.

10. Keep fireplace clean if wood burning, and add un-burned wood if you are not using it. Another idea is if you have a fireplace that you do not use, then add pillar candles at different heights to create a nice effect.

12. Clean out your raingutters as well, because that is something a potential home buyer will see, and a home inspector will definitely make that recommendation once the house is in escrow.

Keep in mind a professional staging consultation may be in order as well.

Read about Part 1 – Deferred Maintenance of the series.

Please let me know if you have any questions.