Are you considering selling your Newport Beach home.  There are many steps to consider when selling your home, and these include some of the deferred maintenance items.home repairs on newport beach home

Does your home have deferred maintenance? You are planning on selling your Newport Beach home, and don’t want to invest the extra money to repair items on the home that need attention. You might want to think again! 

In most cases, buyers will perform a home inspection and when they do, any deferred maintenance will show up. The inspector will document and take photos of it, about all the systems of the home including HVAC, plumbing, electrical, kitchen appliances, etc. If you know that there is are items which need to be addressed such as a plumbing leak – I HIGHLY recommend that this be addressed. A concern would be if a buyer wants to purchase the property and they start to see “things” that need to be addressed, and the buyer will wonder – if that needs to be addressed, then what else needs to be addressed.

My recommendations would be:

  1. Inspect the plumbing, and address any plumbing issues in the home including leaky faucets, running toilets. Regardless if you are selling or not, plumbing issues should NOT be ignored. Water can cause significant damage to the home.
  2. Inspect the HVAC inspected and ensure it is working properly.
  3. Make sure there are not additional visitors in the property (i.e. rodents) because that will not only be documented by the home inspector, but also by the termite company which is another inspection which is typical and customary in California.
  4. Inspect the roof to determine it’s current condition. Does it leak? Are there water stains on the ceiling? These are things that a buyer may see, or if not a home inspector will, and may recommend an additional roof inspection.
  5. Has the chimney been swept lately? This is an item which routinely comes up with a home inspection. Is the flu working properly?
  6. Do you have a pool or a spa? Is it serviced on a regular basis?
  7. Are the windows operational? Do they open smoothly, again this is something that a home inspector may address. Also, if you are missing screens, or they are damaged  or need replacing, then it is a good time to call a screen repair company to repair and/or replace them Screens are something that do not last a significant length of time living at or near the beach because of the salt air.
  8. Is there a fountain or water feature outside? Does it operate properly, make sure it is operational before listing your Newport Beach home for sale.

If you are considering selling your home, repair the basics. If there are issues with systems and you trying to save money, then think again. You potential buyer will see these items if they are savvy, and will ask their agent to negotiate in their behalf because of the deferred maintenance. And, it will come up on the home inspection, and the buyer may ask for it to be repaired, or they might decide the property is not for them.

If you are not willing to make those repairs, and there are those sellers who do not want to, then price it accordingly.

If I can answer any questions about preparing your home to sell, please contact me.



Article Name
Selling Your Newport Beach Home = Address Deferred Maintenance
Does your home have deferred maintenance? You are planning on selling your Newport Beach home, and don't want to invest the extra money to repair items on the home that need attention

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