Are You Considering Renting a Newport Beach Home?

The home rental market in the Newport Beach area is very similar to the home sales market. If a property is priced well, and in good condition, then it will rent quickly for fair market value. Often times, renting a home in Newport Beach can be a multiple offer situation. A previous lease deal the client was in the multiple offer situation, and they were all well qualified.

What to Expect when Renting a Home in Newport Beach, California

Your Newport Beach Realtor will be able to assist you with finding homes or condos for lease, and set up showings for you. You will preview the MLS sheets and that will provide general information about the property, and security deposit information, and monthly rent. Also, some properties do allow pets, and will ask you to submit.

You will be provided with an Application to Rent by your Realtor.  The Application to Rent is submitted along with your credit report (some landlords run it for you, and some allow you to run it yourself). The landlord or property owner will review the application(s) and credit reports, and select the best candidate based upon credit.

Once your application is selected, the Landlord will prepare the lease, and your Realtor will review it with you. The lease is signed, and typpically the initial security deposit and first month rent are paid. Your Realtor can assist you with negotiating term, monthly rent, and security deposit is sometimes negotiable.

Prior to moving in, your Realtor will do a walk through with you, and prepare the form to be submitted to your landlord. This was the property condition is documented. I also take photos of the property and maintain them for my client so that they have record of the condition of the property when they moved in.

If you are looking for a home to rent in the Newport Beach area, please fill out the following form and we can assist you with finding you the property you are looking for.

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