But I Am a Real Bird

swan in newport shores

Newport Shores in Newport Beach is home to many creatures including raccoons, skunks (bummer for my dog Patrick), possums, herons, seagulls, ducks, wood ducks, and pelicans visit the Newport Shores area in the winter. It is always a treat when the swan comes to visit. She comes about once a year, and she is pretty tame, and will swim to you and enjoys eating bread.

Yesterday, this beautiful swan was outside our deck, and my daughter was standing there with her bird sitting on her shoulder – affectionally named B Bird (ok – I know we are not that creative – but it works for him). B Bird is a brown headed parrot who is a hand fed baby, and is very tame, and about a year old ( and is lacking in any outside survival skills – like I said – a hand fed baby).

Suddenly, B Bird wanted to be a real bird and take flight – seriously right off my daughter’s shoulder and half way across the canal in Newport Shores. Well, B Bird didn’t sink (thank goodness), but he doesn’t have webbed feet to help him swim. So my Daughter Heather (the lifeguard) had to use to her life-guarding skills to rescue him yesterday. Off the edge of the deck into 60 degree water, she swam to get B Bird in her clothes (ripping her favorite tee shirt at the same time).

b-bird in newport shores

And the swan booked it out of there when my daughter jumped into the water. But I do see that the swan is still around today.

swan in newport shores

B Bird was very wet, and shivering, and had never been that wet before. We dried him and made sure he was warm, and then B Bird had a visit to the vet to make sure he was going to be ok from his swim. $140 later, B Bird is on precautionary antibiotics, but is just fine. No harm, no foul (no pun intended!). B Bird just wanted to be a real bird like the other birds!

So – another day in Newport Shores.

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