California State Peace Officer Try Outs

Huntington Beach Peace Officer Try Outs | California State Peace Officer Try Outs

The California State Peace Officer try outs were held yesterday morning at Huntington Beach at Magnolia. The try outs consisted of a 1000 yard swim, and then followed by a run swim run. Applicants came from all of the State to participate in this test.

Peace Officer try outs

The event is run by the State of California and the Huntington State Beach lifeguards. They also launched the personal watercraft.

Peace Officer try outs

The 1000 yard swim was the first event. Most of the candidates wore wetsuits as the water was a cool 58 degrees. The 1000 yard swim had to be completed within 20 minutes and it was pass fail. The swim entailed swimming out to the lifeguard rescue boat and the buoy, and then swim back and run across the finish line.

Peace Officer try outs

Peace Officer try outs

Following the swim, the candidates are given a brief rest period and then they begin with the run swim run which is a 500 yard run, another 500 yard swim and 500 yard run to be completed within 10 minutes.

Congratulations to the candidates that passed this challenging event! And special congratulations to my daughter Heather Thomson who finished strong. The rest of the agility try outs were held in the afternoon at Edison High School.

Peace Officer try outs


The Invictus Arrives in Newport Beach | Largest Yacht Moored in Newport Beach

One of the largest yachts (at 216 feet) has arrived in Newport Beach. The Invictus is moored right near Lido Isle in Newport Beach. Not everyone is thrilled with this 16 day visit due the size.

Newport Harbor | the Invictus Yacht

There are a couple of residents who opposed the plan as the yacht may impact their view.  The Invictus is 216 feet, and is a stunning yacht.

Newport Harbor | the Invictus Yacht

This beautiful yacht is owned by Rick Caruso. It will be moored in near Lido for 16 days.

Newport Harbor | the Invictus Yacht

It was pretty interested to view it and many boats were cruising around and taking photos. It is an incredible yacht.

Newport Harbor | the Invictus Yacht

Newport Shores Canal Dredging has Begun!

Newport Shores in Newport Beach is surrounded by a Canal which is fed by the tide. Newport Shores is surrounded by the Canal which is fed the tide. The water level rises along with the tide. On the Canal Street side – the water way is fairly good size, and it makes for a very nice stand up paddle board ride or kayak.


Newport Shores dredge

This area is managed by the Army Corp of Engineers and they have begun dredging this area. It is quite exciting for the Newport Shores residents because it has not been done for about 18 years (from what I was told).


The other part of the Canal on the 62nd Street side is managed by the City of Newport Beach, and that area will not be dredged.


I will keep you updated with photos and video of the progress!

High Surf Advisory Continues in Newport Beach

A high surf advisory remains in effect today and will continue through Labor Day tomorrow. This high surf advisory is for Orange County and San Diego County beaches.

Newport Beach High Surf Advisory

The high surf advisory is a result from the Hurricane Ileana. The high surf advisory will affect south and southwest facing beaches.

38th Street at Newport Beach

The air temperature is warm and being the last weekend of summer, many visitors flock to the beaches. Keep in mind that along with the high surf advisory, there can also be rip currents. If you are not an experienced swimmer, then take extreme caution with these conditions.

Newport Beach high surf advisory

Yesterday in Huntington Beach, lifeguards had dozens of rescues. I was at the beach in Newport Beach and lifeguards were extremely busy and some of the beaches did have red flag.

Lifeguard boat in Newport Beach

Take caution when you go in the water, and if you are not a strong swimmer, then it is probably best not to go in.


2012 Lexus Newport to Ensenada Yacht Race

The 65th Newport to Ensenada Yacht race gets underway on April 27, 2012. This is the 65th year of the Newport to Ensenada Yacht Race. It is an exciting event and for those who participate in the race. sailboat

There will be a pre-race party which is the Lexus N2E Race Launch Party and some race boats will be displayed. One of my favorite local musicians the Mark Wood Parrott Head Band will be entertaining as well.  This event will be held on Sunday, April 22, 2012 from 12-4 p.m. This event is hosted by Explore Ocean and will be at the Balboa Fun Zone.

A great place to watch is at the Balboa Pier in Newport Beach. The viewing of the Newport to Ensenada Yacht Racebegins starts at 11 a.m. on Friday, April 27, 2012.