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Are you considering selling your Newport Beach home.  There are many steps to consider when selling your home, and these include some of the deferred maintenance items. Does your home have deferred maintenance? You are planning on selling your Newport Beach home, and don’t want to invest the extra money to repair items on the home that need […]

What is Absorption Rate?

by Sharon Paxson on July 25, 2014 · 0 comments

Is it important to consider absorption rate when considering selling your home? What is Absorption Rate? During an evaluation of a property, I provide a link to absorption rate. The absorption rate is a report of the current inventory  in a particular area or city, and provides trends in regards to the number of homes per month are selling […]

Importance of Decluttering when Preparing Your Home to Sell | Selling Your Newport Beach Home Whether or not you are considering selling your home, it is important to declutter. Living with clutter just creates anxiety in my opinion. I know we are all guilty of hanging onto “things” that we think have sentimental value, or […]

Importance of Professional Photography with Listing Your Home In my opinion, one of the most important considerations when listing your Newport Beach home for sale is ensuring that your Realtor® utilizes professional photography when presenting your property for sale. The photography of your home, landscape, exterior, interior is extremely important when presenting your property on […]

Landscaping Ideas for your Newport Beach Home | Container Gardening Are you considering selling your Newport Beach home? If you are, or even if you are not, why not take a look at the landscaping and container gardening ideas. Many Newport Beach homes do not have large lots and have room for lots of landscaping, […]