Sea Lion Pups are Washing Up on Beaches in California

Sea Lion Pups are Washing Up on Beaches in California

It is so sad to see that Sea Lion pups are washing up on the beaches in California. There have been more than 2000 sea lion pups that have washed ashore this year alone. The reason they are coming up to shore is because the water is warmer.  “Scientists believe warmer coastal waters force the prey of sea lions — squid and sardines, for example — deeper beneath the ocean’s surface. Then nursing sea lion mothers must look further afield for food, leaving their pups for longer than normal. Deprived of sustenance and weakened, the pups limply wash ashore.” (source Washington Post)

Also, another reason that they are starving is the overfishing along the US Coastline. “According to the Pacific Fishery Management Council, chronic overfishing has caused sardine numbers in U.S. waters to fall by an estimated 90 percent since 2007 . . . .authorities are considering imposing a widespread ban on harvesting the species.” (source I am hoping the ban is passed, so we will not continue to see these animals suffer.

Sea Lion Pup in Huntington Beach

It is not uncommon to see them at our local beaches, and visitors think they are cute and approach them and attempt to take photos, touch them or try to move them with a stick. Lifeguards have been informed to take a photo and send the location of the Sea Lion pup to Marine Mammal Rescue Centers.  Sadly though, many of these rescue organizations are full, and they cannot take any more. They are often malnourished and dehydrated. The sea lion below is at the base of a lifeguard tower in Huntington Beach. They look so sad.

Sea Lion Pup

What can you do? You can donate to the Marine Mammal Center and they also have a wish list of items that they need in order to help to take care of these sea lions.

Please if you are visiting one of California Beaches, and encounter a sea lion, please:

1. Do not touch, try to pick up, feed the animal or pour water on it.

2. Do not try and return it to the water.

3. Keep at least 50′ away and keep your dogs away from it too, they are scared and sick.

4. Notify a lifeguard as they have been instructed in who to contact or contact a local Marine Mammal Center.

Also, the Pacific Marine Mammal Center has a wish list. They need things like unflavored pedialyte, gas cards (to pick them up) paper towels, and Dawn liquid soap.

Spring Forward | Daylight Savings Time 2015

Spring Forward | Daylight Savings Time 2015

Daylight Savings Time will begin on March 8, 2015 at 2:00 am. If you do not plan to up at that hour, I would recommend changing your clocks on March 7, 2015 before you go to sleep.

Here are some tips to help you adjust to the new time:

  • Change all the clocks in the house before you go to sleep including clocks on ovens, microwaves and nightstand clocks.
  • Computers and phones typically adjust themselves, but if they do not, then be sure to change the time.
  • Change the clock in your car also!
  • Go to bed an hour earlier, so that you don’t necessarily feel the time change.
  • Take advantage of the early morning sunlight on Saturday morning and on Sunday morning to help your body to adjust.

Newport Beach Real Estate, Sharon Paxson, Realtor

You will now be able to look forward to evening walks or exercise. Take a bike ride, go for a job, take your dog on a walk too! Enjoy the evening with the sun still being out!


St. Patrick’s Day – Visit an Irish Bar in Newport Beach

Saint Patrick’s Day – Visit an Irish Bar in Newport Beach

Saint Patrick’s Day approaching on March 17, 2015, you may be considering where you want to go for some corn beef and cabbage. And lets not forget the green beer. Newport Beach has a few Irish Bars that you may consider visiting, I would recommend getting there early as there are many who love to celebrate this holiday.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from Duffy the Irish Setter!!

Duffy St Paddy's day

The following are some restaurants and bars that you may want to visit for your Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration:

Muldoons Irish Pub
202 Newport Center Drive
Newport Beach, California
(949) 640-4110

The Harp Inn
130 East 17th Street
Costa Mesa, California
(949) 646-8855

Malarky’s Irish Bar
3011 Newport Boulevard
Newport Beach, California
(949)  675-2340

Shamrock Bar and Grill
2633 West Coast Highway
Newport Beach, California
(949) 631-5633

Go out and enjoy some traditional Irish food and be with friends and family on Saint Patrick’s Day. However, be sure to be safe, and do not drive if you are drinking. Be sure to download the Uber app, and take an Uber home!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Who Should You Choose as Your Realtor®

Who Should You Choose as your Realtor®?

Who should choose you as a realtor


There are many options when selecting a Realtor® after you have decided to sell your home. There are many considerations to take into account when selecting a Realtor®. Prepare a list of questions for your Realtor® and interview more than one. There are many reasons why you would want to select a Realtor®.

1. One of the first and most important considerations is the experience of the Realtor®. Ask about how many years  of experience the agent has, and also ask about the number of transactions the agent has completed. Also, I would recommend verifying the Real Estate agent’s license, and it is very simple to do on the BRE website. Simply put in the person’s last name and first name and their license number will come up – along with the year they were licensed, and it will provide you with the year they were licensed, the name of the company their licensed is with, and any disciplinary action.

2. Communication: Establish right from the beginning how the communication will be between the seller and Realtor®.  I personally provide feedback on showings, and do ask every agent for feedback. Even if I do not receive feedback, I still let the seller know that. Weekly communication at a minimum is important. Feedback is important for a seller to know and understand how their home is being perceived.

3. Marketing Presence: Ask about internet marketing and of course print marketing. Will the agent prepare a glossy flyer for your home to provide to buyers when they walk in the door? Will their be mailings to the local neighbors to let them know about a new home for sale? Internet market is also key, ask the agent what sites they advertise on, keep in mind the sites that you look at when selling a home, and ask if the agent advertises on those sites. How often do they post on social media? Do they have social media accounts and if so, which ones?

4. Pricing Your Home: Is the agent pricing your home in accordance with current market conditions. Consider recent comparable sales in the neighborhood and price within the range for a competitive and quick sale. The longer a home sits on the market, the less it will yield from original list price. If there are certain features that make your home stand out, be sure to include that information, and explain why these features add value to the price.

5. References or TestimonialsASK for references or testimonials. It is important. You want someone who is going to be professional and guide you through one of the biggest transactions you will ever make! Ask for a list, and then make some calls or email!

6. Local Expert: Is the Realtor® you are considering a local expert? Do they live in the area, do they have knowledge of the area? You want an agent who can speak to potential buyers or even other agents about the area, events, community and schools.

7. Follow Up: Does your Realtor® follow up with you? You want to have excellent communication with a Realtor before, during and after the sale of your property.

If I can answer any questions about who to choose as your Realtor®, please contact me.


Tips for Staging your Newport Beach Home for Real Estate Photography

Stage your Home for Real Estate Photography

You have listed your home for sale, and the photographer is coming over the next day to take photographs, what to expect? Keep in mind your home only has one chance to make an excellent first impression. Once your home goes into the MLS, the photos are syndicated to all third party sites (unless you discuss with your Realtor® that you do not want this option). So, this is your homes opportunity to provide the best first impression!

Here are some tips to prepare your home for real estate photography.

staging for real estate photography


  • First of all, it is important to schedule the time of day in which your property has the best lighting indoors. Many photographers prefer natural light, and I have used photographers that use natural light and added lighting.
  • Keep in mind if they are taking exterior photos best time of day to avoid shadows on the house so it looks the best.
  • Before the Photographer comes, be sure to de-clutter the rooms, clean off that kitchen counter, make sure the counters and floors are clean. Although most photographers can “fix” things, it is best to have a clean home. Organize bathroom counter tops as well.  Some of the things I have seen is that the photographs include a photo of an empty water bottle, dishes on the sink, rooms disorganized, and even a litter box.
  • If your Realtor® is taking the photo’s, be sure they are qualified (meaning you have viewed their photography previously) or have them hire a professional. It makes a big difference. The photographer I use lets me stage every single shot.I have moved furnishing, floor rugs, cleaned, organized counters to make the shot look clean and organized.
  • Once you receive the photographs back, work with your agent on the lay out for flyers, and print media. Then once you have your photos, share them. They will be on the MLS, but it provides additional exposure when you share them on social media sites.

If you have any questions about preparing your home to sell, or preparing for photography, please contact me.