Fabulous Burgers- The Counter in Newport Beach

The Counter in Newport Beach

Patties and Toppings and sauces.. OH MY! The Counter, located in Westcliff Plaza in Newport Beach, is an excellent spot if you are craving a delicious burger. With multiple options, this create your own burger restaraunt offers many different choices for patties, buns, toppings, and sauces. Whether on a date, or a night out with friends, the counter is an excellent choice if you enjoy satisfying food, friendly service, and reasonable prices. Their juicy burgers are cooked to perfection, just the way you like it. No matter who you are, or what you like to eat, The Counter has it all.

In addition to their delicious burgers, The Counter offers a variety of fries, salads, onion rings, sandwiches, and deserts. This restaurant is a great place for anyone! If you still have room in your stomach after your burger, the “over sized chocolate chip cookie” is amazing and delicious. A warm chocolate chip cookie with Vanilla ice cream and smothered in chocolate and caramel sauce. It is to die for!

the counter in newport beach

The counter is a very family oriented restaurant and they have even supported the Newport Harbor Dance Team, giving 10% of their earnings to the team. Overall The Counter is a wonderful place to eat and socialize. I definitely recommend it for a nice date night or a quick bite for the family!

1104 Irvine Avenue  Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 642-0700

Can I Short Sale My Newport Beach Home if I Have Two Loans?

Yes, homeowners with two loans can apply to short sale their Wellington FL home.  However it is important to keep in mind not all short sale sellers will qualify to short sale their home, regardless of the number of lienholders.

There are many variables when it comes to short sales and it is important for sellers to hire an experienced short sale listing agent to guide them through the process.  A knowledgeable short sale listing agent can make the difference between receiving short sale approval or denial.

Wellington FL Short Sale LienholdersBesides the cut and dry outcome of being “approved” or “denied” a  short sale seller also might receive short sale approval with contingencies, such as agreeing to bring money to the closing table.

Last year one of my buyer clients was interested in viewing a short sale, so I contacted the short sale listing agent to find out where they were at in the short sale process.

Turns out this short sale had been on the market for well over a year and had several contracts, but every time they reached the second lender the deal would fall apart because the lender and short sale seller couldn’t agree on terms.

After explaining the situation to my client he decided to take a look at the property and within 48 hours we had an executed contract.  The first lender approved the short sale within 90 days, but the second short sale lender was another story, they still wouldn’t budge.  However this time around the listing agent was able to negotiate terms the second lender and short sale seller could agree upon and we closed.

If you are a Wellington homeowner considering selling your home via short sale contact us today!

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What Should I Expect When Buying a Newport Beach Short Sale?

When entering the world of  short sales there are a lot of unknowns, so it is extremely important that buyers understand the short sale process and set their expectations accordingly.

If you are a buyer considering pursuing a Wellington FL short sale here are a few things you can expect:

  • Short Sales are NOT Short!  As a Short Sale Buyer expect to WAIT.  The current median days on market for a Wellington FL Short Sale is 223 days, which is just over 7 months.  However every single short sale is different, some might take 30 days while others might take over a year.  Typically the more liendholders the longer the process.
  • Wellington FL Short Sale Waiting for ApprovalExpect to pay market value!  The median list to sales price ratio for short sales in Wellington is 97%, which means a home listed for $300,000 will sell for $291,000.  Yes, that’s 3% off the list price, not 5%, 15% or 25%.
  • Get your checkbook out!  If your offer is accepted by the short sale seller expect to write a check for your initial escrow deposit.
  • Have your Lender on standby!  The minute you receive short sale approval from the seller the clock starts ticking and you will most likely have 30 days to close.  Shopping lenders should not be done at this time.
  • Be prepared for disappointment!  Yes, it’s unfortunate, but short sales are not guaranteed and there is a possibility that it won’t be approved.  This mean you’ll have to start your home search all over.

If you are interested in buying a  Short Sale make sure you understand the entire short sale process and set your expectations accordingly.  Contact us today for all of your Wellington real estate needs, including  Short Sales.
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Seller Checklist – 30 Interior Tasks for Your Newport Beach Home for Sale

Those who have never had a home for sale before often think that selling is as simple as hiring a real estate agent and putting a sign in the yard. Believe me, it’s not that simple, as you’ll soon discover!

The Interior of Your Home

You’ve taken care of the exterior of your home for sale-the first up-close impression buyers get.  So, when buyers make it inside, they’re one step closer to actually buying your home.  However, if the interior is a mess, this could blow the entire plan to get your home SOLD.

Here’s a checklist to make the interior of your home is buyer-ready:

  1. Make sure the front door doesn’t stick
  2. Test windows to ensure they open and close easily
  3. Wash windows inside and out
  4. Move pets and pet supplies to a temporary home
  5. Fix leaky faucets
  6. Home Sellers Check List 300x296 Charlotte Home Seller Preparation ChecklistUpdate fixtures on your cabinet hardware and door knobs
  7. De-clutter closets and cabinets (yes, buyers WILL open them!)
  8. Replace or repair cabinet doors
  9. Clean or replace dirty or worn grout
  10. Wash the walls if you’re not repainting
  11. Repair cracks or holes in the wall
  12. Paint walls a neutral color
  13. Remove personal items, such as knick-knacks and personal mementos
  14. Clean the fireplace
  15. Have the chimney professionally cleaned
  16. Remove clutter from countertops, tables and shelves
  17. Steam clean the carpets
  18. Scrub all appliances
  19. Clean cobwebs and dead bugs from light fixtures and ceiling fans
  20. Make sure every light has a working bulb
  21. Degrease the stove and oven
  22. De-clutter and clean the attic and the basement
  23. Clean out your garage – do not fill the garage with moving boxes-buyers tend to think that you don’t have enough storage space when the garage is filled to the brim.  Rent a storage unit!
  24. Make sure crawl spaces have crawl space waterproofing
  25. Remove excess furniture
  26. Rearrange remaining furniture in good proportion (Or hire a home stager)
  27. Clean the window treatments
  28. Replace broken panels for electrical switches and outlets
  29. Wipe down baseboards
  30. Clean and wax linoleum floors

While each of the Charlotte homes for sale is unique, with different selling points and selling problems, this list is a good start for any home.  If you’re ready to sell your home, I can help. Call me or email me for more information.

Newport Beach Short Sale or Foreclosure – What is the Difference?

Losing your home to foreclosure is a painful event that continues to haunt you long after your home has gone back to the bank. Your credit score is severely affected and, regrettably, most people cannot be sure that they will remain safe from foreclosure because they haven’t foreseen the “unexpected.” Such events as serious illness, a major accident, divorce or job loss can happen to anyone at anytime. It’s a good idea to understand the available alternatives should such devistating events occur in your life.

Wellington Short Sales Vs ForeclosuresSo, what IS the difference between a foreclosure and a short sale? Simply put, the homeowner still owns the property with a short sale; when a property has been foreclosed upon, the BANK/LENDER owns it. The foreclosure process is quite expensive for the banks/lenders so, they generally PREFER you short sell the property than for them to proceed with a foreclosure. With a short sale, the owner still lives in the property and maintains it as normal–with a foreclosure, the distressed property is left vacant and is generally in ill-repair.

A short sale MUST be listed in your local MLS with a Realtor®. Your short sale specialist works to negotiate the short sale FOR you and follow the process all the way to Closing on your property with you. The bank/lender MUST reach an agreement with you and your buyer as to price and other contractural agreements as well as a Closing date. Again, your short sale specialist handles the communication of this entire process for YOU.

As well, with a short sale, the damage to your credit is far less extensive as with a foreclosure. A short sale can be erased from your credit in as short a period as 6 months and can take up to 2 years as opposed to at least 7 years with a foreclosure. The ability to get a handle on your finances early in the game is imperative–contacting your short sale specialist can save you more than you know. You are able to reside in the property until the deal is Closed–a far more ‘respectable’ alternative to being evicted when the bank forecloses on the property.

Foreclosure is, by far, the worst available option for you. The result of a foreclosure is the lender taking ownership of your home/property. You will not only lose your property but, the bank/lender can obtain a judgment against you for the amount that you owe plus the costs for the foreclosure process that the bank/lender incurs. Your credit will be ruined for many years to come, further worsening your financial situation. This makes obtaining any credit, incredibly difficult. There is absolutely nothing positive about foreclosure. Avoid foreclosure at all costs.

Consider a short sale rather than allowing a foreclosure on your property. A short sale is an option for property owners with serious financial issues. In the case of a short sale, one sells their home for less than what they owe the bank/lender. Some lenders will not agree to a short sale however, most prefer it to going through the lending institution’s expense of a foreclosure. This is a time that you MUST have someone working for you that KNOWS short sales. Experts advise pursuing a short the minute you realize that you are in trouble. The longer you wait and the farther behind in your mortgage that you get, the less likely your bank/lender is willing to allow a short sale.

Any option is better than foreclosure! Do everything that you can before foreclosure occurs and do it as quickly as you possibly can. DO NOT WAIT! Consider a short sale and check with a short sale specialist before foreclosure is the only option remaining for you.

Don’t do this alone! Having someone to work on your behalf is priceless.  Facing foreclosure is horrifying and going it alone is one of the most overwhelming experiences you can face in life.  A short sale specialist is imperative in getting through this process with both dignity and composure. Don’t let pride stand in your way of contacting a short sale specialist–this is our JOB and we do understand. Let us do our job and help you through this proess so that you can avoid foreclosure.

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