Fabulous Burgers- The Counter in Newport Beach

by Heidi Judge on June 22, 2012 · 0 comments

The Counter in Newport Beach Patties and Toppings and sauces.. OH MY! The Counter, located in Westcliff Plaza in Newport Beach, is an excellent spot if you are craving a delicious burger. With multiple options, this create your own burger restaraunt offers many different choices for patties, buns, toppings, and sauces. Whether on a date, […]

Yes, homeowners with two loans can apply to short sale their Wellington FL home.  However it is important to keep in mind not all short sale sellers will qualify to short sale their home, regardless of the number of lienholders. There are many variables when it comes to short sales and it is important for sellers to hire an experienced short sale […]

When entering the world of  short sales there are a lot of unknowns, so it is extremely important that buyers understand the short sale process and set their expectations accordingly. If you are a buyer considering pursuing a Wellington FL short sale here are a few things you can expect: Short Sales are NOT Short!  As a Short Sale Buyer expect […]

Those who have never had a home for sale before often think that selling is as simple as hiring a real estate agent and putting a sign in the yard. Believe me, it’s not that simple, as you’ll soon discover! The Interior of Your Home You’ve taken care of the exterior of your home for sale-the first up-close […]

Losing your home to foreclosure is a painful event that continues to haunt you long after your home has gone back to the bank. Your credit score is severely affected and, regrettably, most people cannot be sure that they will remain safe from foreclosure because they haven’t foreseen the “unexpected.” Such events as serious illness, a […]