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This topic comes up a lot about the use of professional photography. Some agents are convinced they can take their own, and believe me, many can and do an excellent job. I personally utilize a Canon 60D with a wide angle lens, external flash, but find I cannot process the photos the same, so in […]

Homes for Sale near Newport Elementary School in Newport Beach Newport Elementary School is located at 1327 West Balboa Blvd., Newport Beach, CA 92661. This school is located on the Balboa Peninsula and the playground is right next to the beach. You can hear the waves in the classrooms at this beach front school. Both […]

Homes for Sale in Newport Beach near Mariner’s Elementary School Mariner’s Elementary School is a highly sought after school located at 2100 Mariners Drive, Newport Beach, CA. Mariners is a National Blue Ribbon School. There are many residents who choose to live in the area so that their children can attend this Newport Beach school. […]

Newport Shores in Newport Beach

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Newport Shores in Newport Beach | Homes for Sale in Newport Beach Tonight I am going to share a photo blog with you, the sunset was absolutely amazing, and it kept on getting better and better. Started taking photos with my iPhone then progressed to my Canon 60D as I really cannot go wrong. The […]

Bluffs Homes on the Bay | East Bluff Homes for Sale Bluffs Homes on the Bay is located in the East Bluff area of Newport Beach. Eastbluff is located in the 92660 zip code in Newport Beach. The streets in the Bluffs Homes on the Bay builder tract are Nata, Novia, Onda, Otero, Perla, Plata, […]