I Said Good Bye to My Best Friend – Patrick!

So as I begin to write this I have tears in my eyes.  I first must exclaim that I rarely write about personal things, however, in my opinion, this is worthy of sharing.

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I cannot believe the change of events which has occurred in the past few days. My greatest advice at this point, is to treasure every single day, because you have no idea what the next day will bring.

Many of you know that I love Irish Setters and that I have (had) a pet Irish named Patrick. He was so much more than a dog is all I can say. This was THE most loyal dog I could have ever asked for. He always was there for me during any of my life’s events. And I have had some challenging journeys.

Patrick saw me through more than one difficult journey in my life. Patrick became part of my family mid-year 2002 when he joined our family and he was just a puppy.  I believe he was just 8 weeks old. Everyone loved him. and he loved the attention.

Patrick loved my daughters Heather and Morgan as much as he loved me. He was part of all our family activities including Christmas. Patrick was absolutely hilarious when he towed Heather on a skateboard at a high rate of speed with his bells on. This was a routine that repeated itself year after year.

Every year when I wrap presents he would join me sitting on my bedroom floor while I wrapped presents to just be with me, then chew the rolls up.

And then of course Christmas day was always a treat. Patrick always was part of the family with opening presents, and every bow from every present became a collar for Patrick. Last year, he had bows on his back! And he never complained. He was happy to be included. And he was hilarious because he LOVED opening presents. It was the process, not necessarily the prize. And he knew we all encouraged him.

Patrick loved going for walks . . . he had so much comprehension. If I said . . . “do you wanna . . . . ” his ears perked up and he looked at me with eyes. And of course if I said ANYTHING that rhymed with “walk” such as “block”, “talk”, “dock” he was ready to go. And sometimes I didn’t have to go that far and would say “Ummmmmm . . . . . ” and he knew.

Patrick at the river jetty in Newport Beach

Patrick at the river jetty in Newport Beach

Patrick was very intelligent. He knew how to open every door in the house. All I would say is “Ready, Set, Go!” and he would be opening the back door. He knew how to open it to let himself out to take care of business.

Patrick’s favorite activity was going to the beach. He loved to run and chase the birds, and he never caught one. But he had a blast running after them. He loved swimming, and he would go in the waves like a seal. Always happy! One of my favorites was when Patrick would swim at the River Jetty in Newport Beach and he would get in the current – and it would be like an “aqua treadmill” . . . swimming and he wasn’t moving. What a great dog. And he loved his sticks! More than chasing balls.

Patrick was not only a huge presence in my life, but also in my friends and family as well. All of my friends LOVED Patrick. And one of the most special comments I received on my Facebook wall from David Wallace that said . . . “Patrick was simply awesome” and he honestly was.

On our last holiday together, which was Halloween, 2012, Patrick sported his skeleton costume (which he wasn’t always thrilled to wear) and greeted every single trick or treaters. Once again, he was happy to be part of the festivities.

So . . .  the sad part of the story now. I lost Patrick on Friday. – 11.2.2012.  My life is not the same. He was there for me ALWAYS.  And Bless Him because even though he wasn’t feeling well, he still was opening the door to let himself out . . . .

He was always happy to see me, always smiling. He was a true member of the family. I know that he knows how important he was to me during my more challenging journeys and always, and no matter what – was always happy.

Sadly, Patrick went to Heaven on Friday, November 2, 2012. I will and do miss this dog like no other. He only became sick the day before. He was such a huge presence in my life, and I have appreciated his loyalty to me through out the years. What a great boy, and what a beauty also. I was stopped so many times because of everyone’s comment’s about Patrick.

My life is not the same now . . . I was strong when I needed to be, because I wanted to do the right thing for Patrick. What an Angel. And how blessed am I to have had him in my life.

I will have another Irish Setter at some point, because I love the breed. But it will NEVER replace Patrick – no one can. He was unique.

I miss him more than words can express, and am grateful for his companionship over then past 10 years. And I am thankful he stood by my side through everything.

Thanks for reading, and make sure you appreciate every day. Sometimes you wake up, and everything has changed. And for me it has happened more than once this year alone.

Godspeed Patrick!


  1. Karey says

    Hi Sharon thank you for sharing this it’s so touching and I can totally relate. Our pets add so much to our lives laughter, smiles, comfort and unconditional love. Patrick will never be replaced but I hope you will be able to create new memories with a new companion and he will have his own cute, funny personality and you’ll love him too!! xoxo

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